Pink muonline updates succesfully installed


- Fixed MuOnline Launcher load problem, requires patch or latest new client
- Fixed mu online Website/paypal slow load fix
- Fixed Latest muonline security fixes & patches
- Fixed box of kundun +5 in mu online don't drop items
- Removed stack options on box of power in our muserver
- Fixed event monster appearance in Tormented Square Battle
- Fixed muonline Chaos Goblin drop during Tormented Square Battle
- Fixed Regen Die Zone rate not working properly
- Fixed Demon/Satan damage is not working properly on every character class
- Fixed selection of chaos mixes
- Fixed Monster Soul reset time not working properly
- Fixed Monster Soul converter purchase availability not working properly if default reset time was changed
- Fixed default config of MasteryItemMix
- Fixed default config of MiningSystem
- Cape of lord cannot be equipped by slayer

You can download the muonline patch to fix the luancher here:

Or just redownload the full updated  mu online client here:

Posted 17 / 08 / 2020 By MuAdmin


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Mu online season 15
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