New PvP updates - more to come :)

After we fixed most muonline PVM and hack issues, we are slowly integrating our next-gen PVP system. However, this will takes a lot of time but here is the first version.

PVP fixes:
following classes can pk each other:
1. GUN vs BK     - fixed
2. GUN vs ELF     - fixed
3. GUN vs GUN     - fixed
4. GUN vs DL    - fixed
5. GUN vs WIZ    - fixed
6. GUN vs MG    - Fixed
7. GUN vs SUM    - Fixed
8. GUN vs GROWL    - Fixed
9. GUN vs RF    - Fixed
10. GUN vs RUNE - Fixed
11. GUN vs SLAY - Fixed

For the final touch we need many players, to do PVP battles on the test server and fine-tune where needed.


More fixes to coming during the next several weeks :). 

Posted24 / 02 / 2021ByMuAdmin

Currently this is only one server.