Navy - New sets/wings and more hotfixes - 18 feb 2021

- Saves sound settings when restart client.
- Fixed combo not working on some bk skills
- If launcher closes, mu online don't auto-close anymore
- Fixed 3D camera rotations
-- Hold shift key to rotate
-- F6 to enable disable 3d modus
-- F7 to reset camera
-- Middle mouse scroll zoom in, zoom out
- Fixed F8 button interface on/off (more antilag)
- Increased chance to gain elemental options on 4th wings (npc adniel)
- Fixed awake soul crusher ancient options not displaying
- Fixed soul slayer helm no ancient options visible
- Fixed darkangel summoner armor no ancient options visible
- updated lorencia map and some npc positions 
- installed latest security patches

Custom features added:
- Added new boss Furious Dragon, 
-- The boss % can drop 1 new sets part (rare) with new ancient options.
-- The boss % can drop bunch of random jewels
-- The boss % can drop bunch of pentagram
-- (The new set drop is stronger then manticore, equal to GP premium set. and only drops from this boss.)
-- Bosses spawns only at lorencia circle every +- 15 hours.
- Added 2 new sets and 2 new wings to x-shop

- If experiencing client crashes, redownload now our NEW fully patched and cleaned client NavymuV3 :)

Posted18 / 02 / 2021ByMuAdmin

Currently this is only one server.