Mu online season 16 - more fixes installed -

Mu online more fixes installed :)

Alright more important gameplay fixes installed, we're preparing the beta opening right now.

- fixed all mu online characters formula's
- fixed mu online season 16 skill tree bug skills formula's
- created new mu online socket system
- updated all ancient items
- added new ancients
- updated shops
- updated drop system
- updated custom maps & bosses
- fixed all bugged custom jewels
- fixed basic settings like XP, etc, etc
- fixed ruud box 3 drops
- fixed event boxes can be dropped to gain item
- fixed x-shop bugs
- fixed bugged items
- fixed items cannot be sold
- setup basic anti-hack on skill speed
- fixed muonline helper at level 1
- fixed monsters hp, defense, etc
- added visual c++ helpers for the client install
- fixed mu online font issue
- fixed warps to custom maps
- fixed mu online client filter
- setup website and fixed many settings for season 16 gameplay
- fixed bounce back errors on some maps
- make some mu online boxes stack-able and fixed the drop for easiness
- fixed various of my online items had bugged excellent item, nor could be upgraded
- fixed level 1200
- fixed new map warps
- off-level only at mu online market map
- removed lucky coins
- added grand resets 25rr +250m = 30.000 wcoins



Posted20 / 01 / 2021ByMuAdmin

Currently this is only one server.