Mu online new updates - 3 februari 2021

Thanks all mu online players for reporting and joining our community. Today we've installed the following fixes :).

Just run navymu and it will auto-update to the latest version.


New mu online season 16 updates - 3 februari 2020
- Reduced all classes global PvP power, upcoming days we will tweak and open test-server aswell
- Added & increased the spots on vulcan
- Vulcan Lava giants are now bosses, they can drop any custom jewel or Jewel of harmony/guardian/creation/
- fixed dark angel summoner armor not showing ancient options
- fixed party exp
- Fixed DG event crash
- Fixed expired Errtels/Pentagrams continued to work
- Fixed Is28Opt for Gambling and Lucky Manager
- InnovationWeakness works on all maps
- Fixed Money attribute for customs jewels
- Modified selection of skills lua functions
- Fixed Socket count drop for pentagrams for Each Map Drop System
- Fixed detection skill does not show players
- Fixed battle Mind skill for Slayer
- Fixed Weakness and Innovation 3rd duration config
- Fixed elemental def option does not reflect in 'C' window
- Fixed no sound for some users
- Fixed Bloodangel Shield coming with no excellent options when purchased from Ruud Shop
- Fixed Shield Mastery skill description
- Fixed selected mastery mixes not working
- Fixed Exp bar issues
- Fixed inability to do PvP damage using 4th Dark Side skill while having it enabled on MuHelper
- Fixed Socket Bonus options do not work with Socket Accessories
- Fixed Evil spirit damage
- Fixed Excellent Option of Zen Obtain Increase do not apply proper value
- Added missing translation 
- Fixed Barrage for Death Scythe Enhanced
- Fixed Hunting Record for instance maps
- Fixed Solid Protection buff causecause fps drop in certain scenarios
- Fixed Greatness Mastery skill effect
- Fixed GrowLancerObsidian issue
- Fixed party auto-accept issue
- Fixed inability to re-join party in certain scenario
- Fixed GS crashes

Posted03 / 02 / 2021ByMuAdmin

Currently this is only one server.