Epic new fix - 7 feb - new sets and more!

Mu online Fixes:
- Fixed gloves/helm description too long
- Fixed gun crusher could not wear a bronze helm
- Lowered Sum and DW pvp power
- Increased elf pvm damage
- Increased mithril droprate
- Deep gorgon drops now different kind of pentagrams including the best ones.
- Boss Rathian drops now pentagram items
- Vulcan lava giant can drop Mysterious Stones, this will add 75 damage decrease on ruud items.
-- BUT warning, if fails your excellent will be removed.

- Added anti_lag patch for those who want to install.
- Wings of power default skin changed, due to default lag of 5-10 fps lolz?
- Removed pentagram from xshop, new system is not compatible, if got a bugged on just pm me on discord
- Fixed golden fenrir xshop
- Corrected description wings lvl4 says 15 but it's 0.
- Added 1 new custom set + ancient
- Added 1 new wing4
- Couple of ancient names fixed
- Fixed glow & descriptions wings/items
- Minor fixes on some items


Mu online season the best server of 2021

Posted07 / 02 / 2021ByMuAdmin

Currently this is only one server.