Time for our grand opening, the clock is ticking Wuut!


Latest fixes installed

- Upgraded all RUUD sets ancients powers to match all custom items. Ruud sets are equal for fair pvm/pvm for all!

- Upgraded Socketed items to balance PvP

- Upgraded Lucky items powers

- Upgraded 380 items

- Fixed slayer items/pets cannot be worn. Fixed custom items for slayer aswell.

- Many skills revised and upgraded, also reduced/removed skill delay where needed


Custom items drops added, custom boxes drops added


Wcoin drops from:

Boss rathian
Fire valkerie
Enhanced Balrog
Golden rathian 20%

Devilsquare 7

Online time
Grand resetting

Custom jewels from
God of darkness


Random drop from all high monsters


Hot patches installed:

  • [+] Updated EarringAttribute
  • [!] Fixed 3rd tree damage increase skills for Slayer
  • [!] Fixed Dark Horse healing issues
  • [+] Added support of TwoWeaponBonus calc for Slayer
  • [!] Fixed selection of visual issues
  • [!] Fixed Event Entry Level customization
  • [!] Fixed Element Conversion Mix
  • [!] Fixed Horn of Uniria Mix
  • [!] Fixed Ghost Horse visual issues
  • [!] Fixed output effect value for selection of skills
  • [!] Fixed Ghost Horse Reflect issue
  • [!] Fixed missing Archangel items upgrade of Slayer

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