and more muonline fixes installed :)

Thanks all for more mu online testing. Here is the next mu online patch:

- MuOnline Launcher crc checks
- more pentagram drops from bosses
- fix crywolf custom jewel drops.
- fix silver/gold box drops custom jewels.
- PVP event drops custom jewels + new s16 necklaces + muun pets
- events timing
- removed bugged power box
- upgraded news system with latest ingame facts
- changed x-shop wcoin-item-level to 0, and lucky
- removed custom jewels from wcoin-x-shop, but increased drop-rate ingame. More hunting/trading this way
- fixed some lord-silverster drops bugs
- changed muonline master skills system, now get instant 20 points, instead of clicking 20x seperatly
- fixed wings power/conquer/angel&demon to have same powers as 4th wings
- added them as wcoins on x-shop
- fixed all lucky items cannot be sold to npc

Posted20 / 01 / 2021ByMuAdmin

Currently this is only one server.